Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some lesser-known churches of Rome

On Saturday and Sunday we took the opportunity of beautiful weather to visit some of the lesser-known churches of Rome.

Our first stop was the church of the Four Crowned Martyrs. The main highlight of this simple church was the frescoed apse.

It also happens to have a chapel which was featured in a scene in the movie The Scarlet and the Black. If you've ever seen the movie, this is the chapel that Monsignor O'Flaherty prayed in several times, including when the two Nazi agents attempted to assasinate him.

Next stop was the Basilica of St. Nicholas in Chains. This church was built over the ruins of three old Roman temples. Here's a shot of the interior.

The columns were scavenged from pagan temples and around the city. Some of them bore graffiti marks as you can see.

We took a tour of the three pagan temples underneath the church. This is the temple of Hope, built in the hope of winning the First Punic War. The other two temples were the temples of Jove and Juno, dating back to 260 BC.

Next we stopped in the church of St. Augustine, which Augustin was very pleased to find. This is the tomb of St. Augustin's mother, St. Monica.

Another noteworthy side chapel. It was in front of this crucifix that St. Philip Neri was inspired to devote his life to God.

A hidden treasure - a painting by Caravaggio showing the shepherds adoring the infant Jesus.

Our last stop was the church of Sant' Ivo, built in 1660 and designed by Borromini. It is an interesting edifice because of its dome, which spirals upward.

A shot of the ceiling and dome.

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DelGrosso said...

I recall the chapel scenes from The Scarlet and the Black. Great picture! I love the picture of the room with St. Monica's tomb. Caravaggio is probably my favorite, so it is nice to see a painting of his that I have not previously viewed.