Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trip to Alto Adige

Hello all, from Bressanone/Brixen in the Italian Dolomites. We're up here for a week escaping from the Roman heat. And indeed, we have escaped! It's lovely weather up here, and at night, it gets quite chilly. Bressanone (also known as Brixen) is located in the South Tyrol, a part of Italy that used to belong to Austria. As a result, more than 90 percent of the population speaks German as a first language, although they all speak Italian as well (although with a Germanic accent). It's been quite interesting - all the road signs, town names, menus, and signs are in both German and Italian.

Here's a picture of one of the many castles in the region.

We passed through the famous Brenner Pass on our way to Bressanone, as you can see by these road signs.

The view from our hotel/chalet.

The Germanic influence is easily noted. Germanium and Impatient-loaded window boxes fall from the sides of wooden chalets.

One of the many dairy barns around here, which produce milk used to make excellent chocolate.

A little calf saying good morning.

The Dolomites in the background, a chalet in the foreground.

Mom standing on the walkway to our hotel.

The level of greenery is amazing, and a nice change from Rome's palm trees and cement. This is the village of Bressanone viewed from our hotel room. I think cows might outnumber people, and they certainly outnumber internet connections. So until I get more internet time - ciao!

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