Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another day in Angers

Here are some photos from our second day in Angers. The weather was crisp, but the sky was clear. Perfect day to get some brisk walking in!

First stop was the church of the Trinity, built in the 12th century but restored in the 1800's. For those of you who aren't tired of Gothic architecture yet.......the nave. This was an excellent example of the Gothic principle of not having merely walls, but massive supports. You can see that the arches blend into the pillars supporting the vault.

The carved wooden altar.

Outside we walked through the historic center of the town where we came across this wayside shrine. It looks like a church but it's not. You can see it's completely open. Pretty impressive!

Next stop was the new hospital.

The chapel of the hospital which is now used as a reception area.

One of the remaining frescoes showing a priest giving Viaticum to a patient in the old hospital.

This is the Benedictine Convent of Notre Dame du Calvaire.

If you've been wondering how we finance all these trips, here's your answer. Alex helping himself to the contents of the poorbox.

We walked along the river where we got this glimpse of the other side of Angers, dominated by the castle walls.

Two of the many houseboats that float on the river.

The skyline of Angers is completely subservient to the 13th century Gothic Cathedral of St. Maurice.

The staircase leading to the top of the hill upon which is the Cathedral.

The interior of the Cathedral.

The freestanding high altar.

The tomb of St. Maurice and his companions.

Leaving the church I couldn't help but take a picture of this door. Take a look at how many pieces were used in how many different (complicated) ways to put it together. I think it was built by someone from the IRS.


The Saint's said...

Comment on the last picture of the wooden door. It looks like they made a nine. Door #9. hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Wondreful pictures!

Aggie said...

Love your humor and eye for that door.