Friday, July 27, 2007

Dinner and crazy entertainment in Trastevere

If you're ever in Rome, you've got to take the metro to Piramide, walk around the big Pyramid, cross the street, and take bus 75 to Trastevere, and spend the evening there. That's just what we did yesterday. Here's a picture of mom and dad before we all headed out into town.

Here is a picture of perhaps my favorite minor fountain in Rome, the fountain of the barrel. Its water is always cold, and I love the way it's sculpted.

We stopped at a restaurant just around the corner from the fountain called "Cave Canem". Alex and I had eaten pizza there twice before but this was the first time we'd actually had a sit-down meal there. Everything was excellent though, as you can judge looking at these appetizers. All their food is cooked in a wood-oven, even their stuffed potatoes, baked pasta dishes, breads, and pizzas. Despite the authenticity, prices are below reasonable, which makes this a restaurant we'll definitely be returning to in the future.

Here's mom with a plate of spicy penne all'arrabiata. All their pasta is made in the restaurant fresh too. They have a big plastic bin of fresh pasta, coated in flour, and before they cook it they grab a handful, put it in a colander and rinse the flour off. Then it's fresh cooked, and delivered to the table.

Augustin got a pizza. Look at that crust! Those big bubbles are what happens when a pizza is slid onto bricks that are 850 degrees. The cheese and sauce resembled molten lava they were so hot.

At night, Trastevere begins to liven up. It's one of the most popular night-life sections of town, and there are always street artists performing, vendors selling stuff, and some sort of music going. This was the first act we saw, a fellow named Cote' who did all sorts of tricks on his bicycle and unicycle.

Another shot of Cote' and look, dad's in there too!

The next act was a fellow we actually know, named Bank. Bank's from Thailand, and does a great routine of fire-dancing. He has balls on chains, whips, and bars that he lights up and spins and dances with. Here you can see some of the patterns he swings them in.

Another street performer we know is Pablo, from Venezuela. Here is a picture of me and Alex with him.

Pablo had some clubs, so he and I tinkered around a bit passing 5 and 6 clubs. We were just starting to get the hang of it as you can see from this picture, so I'm going to go meet up with him again and juggle with him some more.

That concluded our night in Trastevere. For all of you coming over, make sure you ask us to take you there!


Aggie said...

You've reinspired Matthew to get his clubs out, hopefully if we get there in Nov. He can juggle with yuaall.

Anonymous said...

Oh, professor those million euro smile of yours ---dimples and all just charming...sd89