Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The making of an Italian pizza

For this entry, I've decided to show you step by step how a good, wood-fired Italian pizza is made. For starters, you must have a brick oven, and of course, wood.

Next you take a fresh doughball, flatten it out extremely thin, and shape it. This is best done on a marble or granite counter top, to keep the dough cool and prevent it from sticking.

Next fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese are added.

And then the whole pizza is shoveled into the oven.

As you can see, the fire is burning on the right hand side of the oven. The pizza has just been slipped in.

After only about 2-3 minutes the intense heat of the stone oven has caused the pizza crust to blister and rise and the cheese to melt. The pizza is now done.

Then you either eat your pizza at the pizzeria, or take your pizza home and enjoy it with either beer, or a glass of musky peaches in good Italian wine.


DelGrosso said...

Wow!!! That looks good....especially the "musky peachy wine".

Geoff Kemble said...

Anthony, we enjoyed having your family in for a visit. The ribs and chicken were tasty but I'm looking forward to some brick oven pizza and musky peach wine!Tell your Dad that we will buy some Compari (spelling?) and get our tastebuds acclimated. Have a safe trip back to Rome!

Mrs. Story said...

Guys- We miss you and hope we can have some pizza in Rome with you before next April when the tickets expire! Praying for you & thinking about every one of you!

alina said...

Alina - Relocation Enterprises

Is nice to have you all in Rome!
We wish you a nice time in Italy..

best regards
alina : )