Monday, August 27, 2007

Rome by night

On Sunday we took a trip into Rome that resulted in a few pictures of the city at night, which I thought I'd post for your enjoyment.

Here's the Colosseum, which they light up every evening.

This is from the top of Castel Sant' Angelo looking down Via Ottaviano toward St. Peter's, with the Tiber River to the left.

And here's a shot of just St. Peter's.

Lastly, the Archangel Michael on top of Castel Sant' Angelo.


Barbaranne said...

Aren't European cities gorgeous with the night lights!?! One of my favorite walks through Paris was just as it got dark and the lights were coming on all up and down the Seine- oh, yeah.

Maddie said...

These are some FABULOUS photos, Antonio!!!

Aggie said...

nice night scape photo's