Thursday, December 20, 2007


Our first day in Tuscany we visited the town of Montalcino near Siena. Montalcino is famous for the production of the Brunello wine, one of the best in the world. On what has been the coldest day of our trip so far we travelled to this little windy hill town to see what there was to see, and taste the wine.

A shot of Andrew and Philomena with the Tuscan landscape in the background.
This is Montalcino.

We spent several hours wandering the town looking at the shops. Mom and dad stopped in a wine bar to do a wine tasting and I saw these.......I hope this is some good wine for 320 Euros a bottle.

We also spent some time in the town fortress, which was built in 1361 to protect the town from the Medici in Florence. Tuscany has many castles which reflect the warring history of the region.
Only a few of us (including Augustin) decided the view from the ramparts was worth the steep clinm and stiff winds.

And yes it is in fact worth it. A shot of the kids in one of the three towers you can go in.
Before we left for home we stopped in a little restaurant and had a delicious dinner as well as wine of course.


DelGrosso said...

What a great trip. The fortress and towers are awesome!! You all look great.

Anonymous said...

The towers and everything are great.Can't wait to see you guys again soon!! Merry Christmas to all.


Storys said...

Only in Italy can you drive through a tunnel of the best marble in the world!

We miss you guys terribly, wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you soon. Love to all the family and we'll be thinking of you and praying for you tonight at Midnight Mass...

Love, The Storys

Aggie said...

"Before we left for home we stopped in a little restaurant and had a delicious dinner as well as wine of course".

I'm sure you meant to say a delicious dinner with wine as a course (only one of the 5-6 that is typical, it's amazing, how much Italian's eat and they are so thin...