Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nativity Scenes in Rome

Yesterday we spent most of the day visiting some of the hundreds of Nativity Scenes in Rome. First stop of the day was the larger-than-life-size one in St. Peter's square. The complexity of it was amazing. I'd seen them setting up scaffolding several weeks before, and it was quite interesting to see the end result. Here's a view from the front.

A view of one of the sides.

Another side view. Look at the landscaping, done with real plants!

This one was on top of the Spanish steps.

Next we visited an exhibit in Piazza del Popolo of 100 Nativity Scenes from around the world. It was a little difficult to take pictures because of the no-photo police but I got shots of the best ones. This was one of my favorites, a terra cotta one from Peru.

One from Alaska.

Two carved wooden scenes from Bolivia and Chile respectively.

This one was by far the largest and most complex. It was from Naples, and had a complete village. Lots of running water in the fountains and automated figurines made this one quite fun to watch. As you can see, the picture only captures part of it.

This one was carved into tufa, a type of soft rock.

A free-standing, and very nice one.

Another interesting one, showing a little town square.

A miniature one set in some kind of rock.

An entire Nativity scene carved in relief in a large section of mother of pearl.

This one was in the church of Aracoeli and shows the miraculous statue of the Bambino Gesu`.


DelGrosso said...

These Nativity Scenes are all so beautiful. Yes, the one from Peru is very nice, as is the one from Naples, the little town square, and the free-standing one....gosh they are all really great.

The Saint's said...

The last picture where our Lord is dressed in gold and gems. St. Mary's Academy and College has one of those in a larger size. They have a little grotto in their chapel dedicated to His devotion. He is called the Bambino. See more:

Aggie said...

This one was in the church of Aracoeli and shows the miraculous statue of the Bambino Gesu`.

Anthony, is this the same statue that you took us to see, that was set up in a side chapel on the Gospel side. (wear I bought the blessed oils for Maria)

Aggie said...

ok I homeschool my kids, and they don't know how to use homonyms either, "where not wear" what would I do without spell check!