Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lateran Seminary

We met up with Fr. Danel, a priest we knew from the United States who was accompanying a tour group here in Rome, to get an insider's look at the Pontifical Lateran Seminary, where Father studied for 6 years.

This is a small chapel inside the seminary with a famous little image of the Blessed Mother. It is famous because during WWI the seminarians were drafted to fight, and all prayed before this image before departing for the front. Miraculously, all of them returned home. When they returned, they melted down their dog tags to make the metal rays surrounding the image.

This is the Vatican gas station, where EU taxes are not paid on gas.

This chapel was where Archbishop Lefebvre received the tonsure and some of the minor orders. As you can see it was "renovated" in the 1970's

My dad's sister Anne (who is visiting us from Virginia) standing in the court yard.

The baptistry where Constantine was baptized, and according to Fr. Danel, the oldest baptistry in Christendom.


Charlotte said...

Renovated? You'd think it got turned into a movie theater.

DelGrosso said...

Beautiful story about the soldiers praying before the image of the Blessed Mother.

Anonymous said...

Hey DePiante's! While y'all were hanging out with Father Danel (now we know why we couldn't get in touch with him!), we were hanging out with Jason Lanthier...remember him? What a small world when he was telling us about his and Whitney's honeymoon trip to Italy and found out that y'all had met and you told him about St. Anthony's! Hello to all the family, we miss y'all but are enjoying your blog. The Rosier's