Monday, March 10, 2008

Stational Church, Stational Gelato Shop

Yesterday we went to St. Peter's which was the Stational Church. It happens to be near Old Bridge Gelato Shop which we promptly called the Stational Gelato Shop.

Unfortunately Philomena's cone was so big it took a nose dive. :( So we had to get her another one. Roman ice cream cones are all one size, and they just pile more gelato on if you order a larger size. Luckily our frequent practice (hehe) has enabled us to perfect our gelato eating skills and so this is the first time this has happened.

We went out with our new friends Grant and Kathleen and their two kids Sebastian and Guinevere. Check out the size of that cone compared to Guenevere's head!

Sebastian only wanted chocolate.....

Grant double-fisting. "I wish I could take a picture of how I feel!" he says.

We meandered into St. Peter's square, eating gelato as we went. Here's a shot of mom, Kathleen and Philly behind one of the massive fountains.

Augustin and Andrew showed Sebastian that the fences are merely an obstacle to be overcome.

Once inside St. Peter's we found out that they were having Solemn Vespers. Here's a shot of the main altar with all the relics on display.

A really nice shot looking up towards the dome. All the following shots were taken by Alex.

The procession into the Basilica showing the main altar.

We were excitedly surprised to find out that the veil of Veronica would be exposed. Here's a shot of the main pillar where it is kept and the clergy coming out with it.

Benediction with the veil. You can see the size of the pillar relevant to the people. It is truly amazing, as those of you who've been to St. Peter's can attest.

A closer shot of the veil in its frame. You can see the image of Christ's face, which resembled that on the Shroud.


Denise said...

I discovered your blog right around the time of your "Internet troubles" while I was researching Malta. I'm now a devoted follower of your family's adventures, and it's wonderful to see the new posts. Thank you for the next best thing to being in Rome!

DelGrosso said...

Your pictures are great as usual. Looks like yummy gelato!!!!!

Teresa said...

wow! That's so awesome! I wish I was in Rome LOL! Well there's a Rhome Texas......:D

The Saint's said...

Awesome! I'll have to show my sister these pictures. She's named after Veronica. I'm almost envy (I'm doing my best to resist the temptation to it)you Anthony!

Anonymous said...

I lived a few minutes away from the Old Bridge Gelateria. I miss it so much! Ciao a Roma! Sabina