Monday, May 5, 2008

Ostia Antica with the Griggs

Yesterday we went with the Griggs to Ostia Antica. We have been there previously, so I won't include all the details that can be found in an earlier blog post.

One of the highlights of the trip was examining some of the funerary urns on the road leading into the city, some of which contained bones. Here's Mr. Griggs holding up a piece of an early inhabitant of Ostia Antica. If you look in the urn you can see pieces of bone.

Dad and Mr. Griggs relaxing in the baths.

A shot of everyone descending the theatre.

All the girls - Mrs. Griggs, mom, Philly and Margaret.

Mr. Griggs walking among the ruins.

Dad and I trying to determine where we are, using the guidebook.

Philomena and Margaret posing next to a headless statue.

Augustin catching a few winks on the steps of the Capitoline court house.

This was something we hadn't run across on our earlier visit to Ostia Antica - an early Christian basilica. You can see the outline of the building. In the center is the main apse, and on the left is one of the flanking aisles.

A shot of one of the columns of the basilica together with a Roman pine and the spring sky.

Near the end of the ruins there was this wild rose bush growing which had seeped into the brick walls of an ancient shop.

Yours truly....

This was part of a counter from which soup was sold. The two carved basins were filled with soup, and the counter was part of an installment which rested over an open fire to keep the soup hot for customers. Sort of like the world's first crock-pot!

A headless sentinel.

Mr. Griggs and Alex walking along the Decumanus Maximus, a main artery leading out of Ostia. You can see the Roman flagstones still in place on this ancient road. Goodbye Ostia Antica!


DelGrosso said...

Great those hats!!

Charlotte said...

looks like margo and philly are having fun! tell them i said hi!