Friday, June 20, 2008

Giancarlo's Birthday

This week we had the opportunity to visit our friend Giancarlo to celebrate his birthday. We really got a kick out of this picture. Here we have dad, Giancarlo, and a colleague of theirs Petra. All three are project managers and yet....somehow we didn't have a table to put the snacks on. Giancarlo insists that thing that they're on is a new style of table he's invented.
And here's the birthday guy himself. "Ma che sta' di'!"

Mom and Petra.
After the gift giving, we had a little bit of time left before we were due to arrive at the restaurant so we visited the lake near GC's house. It was nearly sunset when we got there, so I waited a bit and grabbed these two pictures.
...and a close-up of the water coming in.
Some of the lovely roses near the restaurant.
A shot of Andrew, Gus, and Philomena on the little jetty.
Dad and GC talking, and enjoying the breeze.

Meal time! Here's Philomena at the restaurant with some of the appetizers. Prosciutto, grilled vegetables in olive oil, and seasoned bean salad.
A shot of the group at the table.
The last course - roast veal and salad. It was like eating a medieval feast, all the food was brought to the table and the meat was carved at the table. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of all the pasta and other courses that came before the meat.


Denise said...

not to freak your parents out (I'm probably about their age) but I check your blog every day and, at last! another post...and how kind to do food photos too! Love it all, thanks. Tell your sister this reader went to a St. Philomena grade school, and I hadn't heard the name since then...

Gay said...

I love the most recent set of pictures and descriptions. The food always looks amazing!

DelGrosso said...

Anthony, these latest pictures are wonderful. Thank you again for sharing. You all look great and Kathy you look absolutely beautiful. We look forward to seeing you all soon.