Sunday, July 6, 2008

The rest of Burgos

Here are the rest of the pictures from our trip to Burgos.

There is a path throughout the town that takes you to the sites connected with El Cid´s life. Here are Alex and Andrew as we began the walk.

In this church, El Cid heard the oath of King Alfonso that he had not had a part in the killing of his brother.

Although the house is no longer standing, this stone monument marks the spot where El Cid was born in 1070.

Burgos lies on the famous Camino de Santiago, or pilgrimage route to Santiago de Campostella in Northwestern Spain. Here is a picture of a pilgrim making hsi way through the town.

The pilgrimage route is marked with these brass shells embedded in the stone walkway.

As we wound our way through the town we caught a glimpse of the city walls, some of which date back to the 11th century.

This is the casa de cordon, the house of the rope, so-called because of the sculpted cord around the doorway. It was the home of the Constables of Burgos and the site where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel received Columbus after his second voyage to the New World.

A view of the main plaza in Burgos.

When we were in the cathedral we met these two Italian cyclists from Turin Italy. We were attracted to them because of their unique bike jerseys, which depict the scallop shell of Santiago pilgrims. It turns out they had made the jerseys themselves.

Andrew getting a drink from one of the fountains before we left town. Burgos was the only city in Spain that we´ve been to so far that has had public water fountains like the ones in Rome.

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