Friday, July 4, 2008

Spanish Eurocup Fever

Unfortunately our dear Italians were knocked out of the European Championship. However our second favorite team, Spain, went on to win the Cup. We had the good fortune to be in Madrid for the event, where I took these pictures.

This is part of the crowd in Plaza Colon, Madrid. Estimates put the crowd at over 500,000 persons.

They had giant TV screens set up in the plaza, but some folks resorted to strange tactics to get a view. These kids had set up shop on top of a bus stop booth. Others were in trees, and on top of parked cars.

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mjstro said...

Outstanding pix's. As always, I'm jealous. It was good to see you and the family at St. Anthony's the other week. If "yous guys" ever make it back to NC you'll have to come to the mountains for a little white water rafting and hiking. We just added an addition and have plenty of room for a visit from the DiPiante's and OH ya...plenty of room for Strohecker baby #4 due mid April 2009.

Mike Strohecker