Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pilgrimage from Bevagna to Assisi - last stop!

OK, this is the last set of pictures from our trip to the Northeast. After all our busy sightseeing we did some a little slower, in the form of a 45 kilometer (28 mile) pilgrimage from Bevagna to Assisi with our church. And yes, everyone made it WITHOUT having to ride in the "sag wagon" - even Augustin!

A picture of us early in the morning on the first day. Alex in the black shirt, Augustin in the blue one.

Stopping in a small church to see it, and taking a break outside.

Alex and Andrew talking with Daniele, a guy we met from Naples.

Some of the lovely Umbrian countryside we passed through.

A picture of the priests and seminarians sharing a laugh at our lunch stop.

Every year (despite having already 12 kilometers) the tradition is for those who are able to play a game of soccer on a small artificial turf field at the place where we stopped for lunch. Don PierPaolo was the only priest who felt up to it! A picture of Augustin on defense and Don PierPaolo shooting the ball.

Andrew in action as the ball comes to him.

Leaving the field the same way we got on...climbing over the gate.

Entering the town of Foligno where we spent the night.

Up and early the next morning to finish the pilgrimage off. About halfway done! In this picture we're getting organized to head out.

We stopped about midday for mass (since it was Sunday) in a lovely church in Foligno.

We had a solemn high mass. This is the elevation, with Don Pierpaolo as celebrant.

A pretty shot of a little archway in the town as we marched through.

In the distance we could see Assisi - our final destination.

We passed this roadside shrine on the way, complete with ladder!

About 2 o clock we stopped for lunch. Here's a shot of Don Pierpaolo relaxing in the shade of an olive tree upon which had been hung all the priests' surplices.

A group shot of the lunch crowd, having a picnic in an olive grove.

Assisi is getting closer!

And at last we entered the town!

The magnificent Basilica of St. Francis at the bottom of the hill. (It was nice to finish by going downhill hehe!)

A shot of some of the beautiful stonework on the tympanum.

Down in the crypt is the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi.

And this is a picture of the crypt itself.

A part of the upper basilica covered in frescoes by Giotto.

The monastery of Assisi. Pretty impressive!

Next we marched a short way down the road to the last of the three major churches in Assisi. This particular one had some beautiful fountains lining one of its exterior walls.

The interior of the basilica. In the center you can see the little church where the Franciscan order was founded.

Last picture - a group shot of us all in front of the basilica.

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