Monday, September 1, 2008

A winery in Tuscany

Our friends Erminio and Tommasina were able to arrange for us a tour of a small winery outside of Florence. It's called Frascole, and produces about 50,000 bottles of wine a year. They also have a guesthouse which can be rented out during harvest times so that guests are able to participate in the "experience".

This picture is from the facility, looking out over the landscape.

Pallets of glass bottles that just arrived, in time for the bottling season.

Dad and Erminio enjoying the surroundings, and looking around.

A shot of one of their vineyards.

Augustin just had to try a few grapes. As you can see, they're almost all completely mature. How did they taste? Quite sweet, but small, with a thick skin. Definitely not your typical table grapes!

We got shown the sealed cantina where the wine is aged for years in oaken casks. These particular casks are made of French oak.

The label of the winery. It's actually available in select USA markets so if you see this label, grab a bottle!

Our host, the owner of the vineyard spent several hours with us explaining the process and allowing us to taste the wines produced by himself and his crew.

Mom and dad enjoying the experience!

As the evening drew to a close I grabbed this picture from the darkened portico, looking out onto the vineyards through an ivy-draped arch.

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