Monday, June 4, 2007

Guests from Florence

We had some guests down over the weekend from Florence. Mom and Dad first met Erminio and Tommasina over 25 years ago. We decided to show them some of Rome since they had never been. Saturday was the Italian equivalent of the 4th of July, complete with a big military parade near the Colosseum. Here is a unit of Carabinieri parading by.

And the motorcycle cops, all on BMW motorcycles.

The procession was very long, as you can see.

It included the Lamborghini police car again. Wheeeee!

And my favorite unit, the mounties.

Afterwards there was a flyby complete with red white and green exhaust.

We stopped by one of the cat sanctuaries. This particular one houses over 250 cats that live among the ruins of a market.

Then it was on to Trevi fountain where Erminio and Tommasina threw in the required coin.

A short stop at St. Peter's was where Erminio captured this fine shot of two Swiss Guards.

The kids then left for home and the adults went out to dinner. A shot of Mom and Tommasina. They must have had a lot of fun because they didn't get back to the house until nearly 1am.


Mary Ann said...

What a great thing to have guests already.. Looks like you're having a really good time!

grandpop said...

Well Well, the busy tuorist are back at it again,. Another great phot op and the documentary accompanying it is excellent. You have great talent AJ and artistic capabilities. even to catching the great smile on your Mothers face, Now 1 AM is pretty late for her to be out. I will have to put the clamps on. Have fun keep up the good work. Love you all GP

DelGrosso said...

Hey Father would say, "you are looking quite the school girl".