Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 20th - Manzanares Castle

Today we managed a quick trip to Manzanres el Real, home of the famous Manzanares Castle. The castle is considered the best preserved, and one of the most sterotypical examples of Spanish fortress architecture. Rather than post a long discourse about the castle, I'm posting a photo I took outside the castle with information. Unfortunately because it was late in the day, the castle was closed, but I did manage to get some great shots from outside. Enjoy!

And this is the castle. Breathtaking, no?

Me in front of the castle.

Alex in front of the Rio Manzanares, that cuts through Madrid.

Alex scaling the wall, attempting to get in. Unfortunately we discovered the castle was well made, and did not offer enough footholds to climb up the entire wall.

Julian, Alex, and Andrew in front of the castle.


Charlotte said...

Love the pictures of the castle.

Aggie said...

the stone work is amazing in the castles, Avilla's walls and the aqueducts.

Patrick said...

Where are the pictures of Jim and Cathy? They would kick you out of American public schools for saying that Franco was a hero. Great pictures! I've been to most of those places in Rome and I'd love to go back. I'm surprised there were not any of the Gesu since Jim is such a Jesuitophile. Does the pope hold Wednesday public audiences like his predecessor? The first time I saw St. Peters was during one of those.