Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 19th, Madrid

Today we intended to go to the Royal Palace but it was closed because of a state event, so we saw some sights around Madrid and did some shopping instead. Our first stop was the metro station of Atocha, which is all cast iron and glass, and features an indoor palm garden.

As you can see, the garden is home to some turtles! After we checked out the garden I bought our train tickets to Toledo.

Next we came across this church which was open. Unfortunately it didn't have a sign with a name, so I couldn't find out anything about it. It did have the Knights of Malta cross on the front though, so I'd like to find out more information about it.

In any case, it was quite nice inside, with many statues and decorations, including this side altar featuring a Pieta.

And this side altar honoring St. Peter Claver, apostle of Cartagena.

In front was a monument to Diego Bazan dela Cruz, a commander at the battle of Lepanto.

Just a shot showing one of the streets of Madrid.

Then we came home where we ate a very good Spanish dinner. First course was a cream soup, almost like a split-pea soup with chicken and cilantro in it. Pictured are Mrs. Victoria, Mr. Victoria, and Mrs. Victoria's brother Fernando. Oh, and there was also a pitcher of fresh Sangria.

Next course was Paella!

And lastly, a shot of the tower for which the town where the Victorias live. The tower was used as a watch post in the Reconquista to spot advancing Moorish armies in the valley down below. It is from the tower, or torre that the town's name of Torrelodones comes from.


Erika said...

SANGRIA!!!!! Yum!

Cool about the church with the Maltese cross on it. I'll have to dig up some stuff from when I lived in Malta to show yous guys... (pretend you heard that with a Chicawgo accent)...

In the meantime, send the mantilla and sangria double rush express overnight. I'm overdue for a drink. ;-)

Aggie said...

Guess I'm too late for the mantilla orders. What a beautiful house the Victoria'a have, did you get to go swimming.