Saturday, June 16, 2007

Night in Madrid

We left about 7:30 for Madrid yesterday evening, and spent all evening in the town. This picture was taken at about 8:00 but as you can see it was still light out. This is the church of San Jeronimo el Real. The Catholic Monarchs (Isabel & Fernando) ordered this church built in the 15th century. It served as the Royal chapel, and cathedral of Madrid.

Here is a shot of the interior. As you can see a wedding was taking place.

This side altar had a really nice statue of St. Anthony.

Here is a stained glass window of King Ferdinand.

Next we went to the Ham Museum. Madrid is famous for its ham, because of the special diet they feed the hogs, mainly consisting of acorns. The Ham Museum has many different varieties, all smoked different flavors, cured different ways, and coming from hogs that ate different diets. You take a plate, and move down the counter telling the staff to slice off pieces of ham. Then you get to the end where you weigh it, pay for it, and enjoy it with a glass of cold beer. The place was a madhouse, understandably.

Here are some of the hams lining the walls.

Next we went to Plaza Mayor, the main square in Madrid. Here is a picture of Julian, me, Manuel, and Alex. By this time it was 11:00 and we had to rush to catch a bus back home. Good night everyone!


Mark Brady said...

Anthony and Alex
Seems only fitting that I am doing this blog from Bogota Colombia
And just had a Ham (and Cheese)sandwich (not from a Museum )
Plus I was with the guys from Telefonica yesterday and the Minisistry of Communications on Thursday

Will be with some of the other Telefonica people in Brasil this coming week plus will be talking to a guy in Madrid as well .

Looks like you guys are "hanging" with the right guys !!
GREAT place to go for a visit
Keep up the good work

Look forward to more later

Kate K. said...

I love the first picture of the church... stunning architecture. And I cant believe you were allowed in there during a wedding! Or did you sneak in and snap a picture real quick...???