Saturday, June 28, 2008

Arrival in Spain - Day 1 (Madrid)

Well, I haven't had any time to update the blog until now, but here is what we've been up to. On Wednesday Alex, Andrew and I arrived in Spain where we'll be staying for the next two weeks. We're quite busy seeing things and adjusting to the "Spanish schedule" so updates to the blog will likely be sporadic. Here are a few pics though!

We had a bit of excitement waiting for the plane in the terminal. A parked bus started sliding toward the terminal when its brakes failed, and slammed into the side of the building. It punched a hole in it as you can see, but the folks at the airport got things under control and we boarded our flight.

We arrived without incident after a quick flight of about 2 hours, and took the little commuter train to the house of our friends. Here's Alex sitting with Manuel in our room.

We went out into Madrid, where I snapped a few pictures. I haven't posted many of Madrid since I've already covered Madrid in previous blog posts, but here's one shot of Plaza Mayor which came out quite nicely.

We couldn't resist another trip to the Museo de Jamon...the Ham Museum.

We watched the Eurocup semifinal game between Spain and Russia. The first half was quite a nail biter but Spain blew things open in the second half with 3 goals, securing the win and a trip to the Final against Germany. Here's a picture of us watching the game with the Victoria family.

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