Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some random shots of Naples

On Saturday I had the opportunity to go on a day trip with our friend Pietro. A tour bus driver, he was taking a group of tourists from Los Angeles to Naples, and I came along for the ride. We stopped at Monte Cassino on the way down, which I'll cover in a later entry.

We didn't do a whole lot of touring in Naples since we didn't have much time. If you''d like to see more pictures from when we were there previously you can check out this post.
Here are a few pictures I snapped which I found interesting.

This was actually in Pompeii, right outside Naples. A stand where you could buy frozen lemonade and orangeade.

If you didn't notice the size of the lemons in the picture above, check out this one. This is a real lemon. It's not a grapefruit, it's not on steroids, and it's not fake. It's just a gigantic lemon. The pith and peel actually make up the majority of the fruit; the inside is relatively small.

Ayeiskes! Naples has a reputation for "anything goes" and this picture certainly shows it. This was a wayside gas station. Notice the man smoking a cigarette? He was doing this AS he was filling up a car's tank!

Another picture showing Naples' nonchalance towards various regulations. Many of the "scooteristas" didn't have their helmets on, like this fellow.

The colorful, flag-decorated Spanish quarter of Naples. I think there were 4 pizzerias on this street alone.

Pietro and I in front of Castel' Nuovo. This was the fortress for the Kings of Naples. As you can see we had beautiful weather.

Last stop, a church I hadn't visited before. If I remember correctly it's called Our Lady against the Turks. I didn't see anyone to ask about the history of this church, and there wasn't any information on it inside, so I'm afraid I don't know much about it. It's got a pretty interior though, no?

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Denise said...

I have yet to see Naples, partly due to its "bad boy" reputation" and then all their trash problems this year, but did visit Pompeii recently, and there is a Pompeii exhibit right now in San Diego, CA. Once again, thanks for the tour!