Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another night in Rome

It was Jozef's and Madeline's last night in Rome on Monday so we went into Rome for the last time and got some gelato. We found a great new place called "Gelato C" where the "C" stands for cento or "hundred". Meaning that they have 100 different flavors in the shop, all hand made. It was some of the best we've eaten, and dirt cheap too. They did have some unusual flavors though, such as these two below. Anyone care for tomato ice cream? Mortadella and Pistacchio?

However they also had the GOOD flavors such as these. This is just their chocolate section. Mmmmm! The cioccolato intentissimo had the consistency of brownie dough.

Some of the good flavors we tried were Limoncello (Andrew), Chestnut and Rosemary (Madeline), and Baccio (Anthony). You guys will definitely have to come get some. 5 scoops for 2.50!


Charlotte said...

I have had pistachio ice cream. It educational experience.

Aunt Pat said...

Save some of the chocolate for me. I am not quite so adventuous... but if you have some I would try a bite!
Love the pic

Laura said...

you look so blissful holding that ice-cream Anthony... :) hehe

Aggie said...

See I do know Italian, I know what "Cioccolato" is!