Friday, April 27, 2007


Oh mom is happy about this one. She found limes in the grocery store! Soooo out comes the blender, over comes the neighbor lady, and mom made margaritas.

Cutting up the limes.

And enjoying the finished product on the patio.


Erika said...

You didn't tell me they had limes in Italy... now I have a reason to visit!!!! j/k

Hope you enjoyed Jose`... have one for me, too!!!

DelGrosso said...

Hey Kathy, wish I was there to share those Margaritas and chat with you. The flower arrangement on your patio table is beautiful!!

Mary Ann said...

Fun, fun, fun!

Aggie said...

fun fun fun, that is an understatement, seems like just yesterday, we had our margarita party with Kathy. Miss you guys