Monday, April 23, 2007

Night in Trastevere

The first guests at the Gran' Hotel De Piante have arrived. Jozef got evicted from his room for not paying his rent, (well actually, the semester is over so he had to leave, but saying he didn't pay his rent makes for a better storyline) and his sister Madeline flew into Rome for a couple of days before they go to Spain for a few weeks. So anyways, Jozef, Madeline, Alex and I decided to go into Rome Sunday afternoon/evening to see the sights at night. Unfortunately many of the churches and museums were closed or closing just as we were getting into the city, but we did find several other interesting things to see/do.

Here we are getting onto the bus.

We stopped by our favorite restaurant in town, "Le Fate" to see Massimo the owner, and his sons Andrea and Fabrizio. Here is a picture of us with Andrea.

Then we walked around Trastevere at night, seeing a couple street performers and checking out some booths.

Alex and Madeline got an ice cream, although I can't figure out how Jozef ended up paying for it. (I'm sure Jozef can't either.)

Then we stopped in a bar for drinks. Here's Jozef and Madeline. I can't figure out why the picture's rotated though. I rotated it before I uploaded it. Hmmm......I guess just turn your computer sidewise (or your head).

Couldn't resist taking a picture of this scooter with two Confederate flag stickers on it. Yipeeeees!

And this is a picture of us on our way home, the SECOND to last train out of the station hehehee.


Story Family said...

I'll let everybody back home know you're having a great time hitting the bars in Rome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTHONY!! Love, The Storys

More Storys said...

PS- Isn't Trastevere where the Porta Portese flea market is? Shannon

Barbaranne said...

Happy Birthday Anthony! Looks like Rome is agreeing with you! We have a friend who will be in Rome this week, I'll send you an actual email concerning his visit-

Laura said...

Può darsi che io stia sbagliando ma mi pare di aver capito che è il tuo compleanno... Se è così allora tanti auguri!!

Debbie M. said...

Dear All,
Are you absolutely SURE you aren't just on a really long vacation in Rome? It surely looks like it. OK, OK, I am just green with envy.
Anthony, thanks for creating this blog and for sharing all the pictures and info, and btw, Happy Birthday!!
May God's richest blessings continue to be poured out on the DePiante family!