Thursday, April 12, 2007

Trip to the Villa Borghese re-routed

Yesterday Alex, Andrew, Jozef and I decided to go to the Villa Borghese. However when we got there, we discovered how massive it is, and decided that we didn't want to try to cram it all in. So after wandering around the ritzy glitzy section of Rome for about a half an hour we stopped in Blue Ice, one of Rome's most famous gelato shops.
We all got the same thing, one scoop each of chocolate, tiramisu, and their specialty, Baileys Irish Cream. (Spiked of course.) Mmmhmmm, it was good!
We were kind of without a purpose since we decided not to go to the Villa Borghese, so we kind of wandered around until we came to the Spanish Steps. At the top of the steps we decided to go into the church of Santa Trinita Dei Monti, a lovely exhibition of the patronage of the French Bourbon kings.
The interior of the church was gorgeous, with many frescoes and a lot of gold leaf.
Included on one of the side altars was this life-size statue of Christ being taken down from the cross.

We still didn't really have anything to do, so Jozef and I played around with his guitar on the Spanish Steps until we thought of something better to do.
Aha! Let's go to the Ferrari store! So off we trudged, only to be shocked by both the amazing selection of merchandise, the beauty of the Ferrari cars, and the horror of the prices. 130 Euros for a belt is a little out of my league. But we did have fun in the semi store/semi museum.
We started walking again and came upon the church of Sacro Cuore nel Suffragio, a unique and rare neo-Gothic church in Rome. Here is a picture of the facade with the Gothic characteristics plainly displayed. (Rose window etc)
The interior of the church was beautiful, albeit a little dark, so not too many of the interior pictures came out great. This one of the high altar did though. Isn't the marble relief work amazing?


Rica's Sara, Mike, and Baby Herbert said...

Hey De Piante Family! It seems as though you are having a great time in Rome! I am trying not to be jealous! I have never been to a "blog" before but yours seems to be pretty cool. My mom told me about it. She's so hip. Anyways, maybe we'll make it out there someday; you can teach our baby girl Italian! Take care (ciao?)!

Jordanus said...

did they actually sell Ferraris there?

Andrew said...

Jordan... No, they don't. But it was still really cool.. All it really is a souvenir shop that is WAY overpriced because of the little horse.. :)