Monday, October 13, 2008

Another day in Venice

Here are pictures from our second day in Venice.

These are two of the cruise ships that routinely call on Venice.

This is the interior of a church we stepped into, Santa Maria di Nazareth.

The electric blue glass candlestick was beautiful and impressive but I'm not sure it matched the rest of the decor!

Next was the church of St. Geremia.

The interior of the church.

And the incorrupt body of St. Lucy in a tomb open for viewing to the public.

This hand-written sign was quite funny. "The Lord communicates with us in many ways, but certainly won't call you on the telephone, so keep it turned off " (!)

An interesting statue of Our Lady. In true sailor fashion she's got a pair of earrings on.

Augustin flashing the "Bloods" sign while trying on masks in a shop.

And mom admiring some of the hundreds of masks herself.

Looking down the Grand Canal while on a gondola ride.

The famous Ca' D'Oro, or House of Gold, one of the most elaborate (Gothic) palaces in Venice.

Life in Venice proceeding normally except for the means of transportation. In this case men are delivering fruits and vegetables by boat.

We passed by a specialty foods store (which means imported foods that aren't found in normal grocery stores) and thought about getting some canned pumpkin for ourselves until we saw the price. Yikes! That's more than 7 dollars!

Mom and dad standing beneath the newest bridge to cross the Grand Canal.

Augustin and Andrew sliding down the concrete supports of the bridge.

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