Thursday, October 9, 2008


The day after we went to Venice we went to Aviano, a tiny little town in the Dolomites near Pordenone. Aviano is where our relatives on dad's side lived before they emigrated to the USA, specifically his paternal grandfather, our great-grandfather.

A street sign dedicated to the Italian troops fallen in Nasiriya, Iraq.

The "frazione" of Aviano called Piante, with the street leading into it - Via Piante.

The church in Piante, right across the street from the house of some relatives. It had a very interesting round shape with two bell-towers.

The simple interior of the little church.

A war monument dedicated to the fallen citizens of Aviano during WWI.

These three pictures are of some of our distant relatives, all of who had the last name De Piante.


DelGrosso said...

This is so neat. I see some similarities in those old photos. You need the frame the picture with your dad under the Piante sign. From a distance, it looks like a beautiful large crucifix in the church. Aviano is where St. Margaret of Cortona was born. Did you see anything about her? I would love to have more history on the town she was born in. She is a very interesting saint.

Eric V. said...

I lived their for 8 Years...... That Church you visited was in front of a soccer field where my team played called Polisportiva Maddalena(Via Della Maddalena was the name of the street).