Thursday, October 30, 2008

A quick trip to Florence

I'm sorry that I'm a little behind in updating this blog. We've been pretty busy lately! I'll start chronologically and post pictures of a quick weekend trip we took to Florence. Dad had to give a conference there so the whole family went for an overnight stay.

The boys bunked at our friend Marco's house. Here's Alex checking out some stuff in the kitchen. Marco's house is brand new and this was the first time we had a chance to see it.

And this is mom and dad's "crib". It was a beautiful day, but not quite warm enough to use the pool.....

Andrew and Gus checking out the pool. Strangely enough, neither one of them fell in.

A shot of Dad, Mom, Alex and our friend Consuelo talking outside the hotel. Mom's doing some zen meditation.

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DelGrosso said...

It is strange neither one of them fell in the pool. And such a beautiful and inviting pool too. Dad must have been watching them.