Friday, October 31, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, no longer is it necessary for you to watch the runways of Milan, Paris, London or New York to get your fashion fix. I've taken the opportunity to highlight you some up and coming fashion styles straight from the French streets. This is where the hot styles are, this is where you will find out if you're dressing to the expectations of the fashion-savvy world. Best of all? There are no commercials on this show. So sit back, and enjoy the glamour.

First exhibit is the banana-yellow set of jeans sported by this lady.

Staying with pants, we move on to satisfy the male taste. I've got no idea what you'd call these, but they're rocking.

For the children, no wardrobe is complete without a set of knickers, a light-blue sweater and high socks with pompoms. Just the items you need to keep your jeunne homme in style!

Looking for something to get your mother-in-law for Christmas? Forget the coupon to the ice skating rink hoping that she'll break her hip, give her this stylish I-have-no-idea-what-kind-of-hair-this-is coat.

Love the practicality of boot-cut jeans, but adore the sense of femininity that a skirt gives you? Go with both!

Fathers, listen up. Here is an idea to culture that daddy-daughter relationship that is so vital. Why not go with matching pink corduroy pants?

So you're a fan of shorts, but it's 4 degrees centigrade outside. What do you do? Copy this young lady and throw on some hose!

Any effeminate vibes that you may sense looking at this guy's skin-tight red jeans are totally canceled out by the uber-masculine camo backpack. Trust me.

Ah, the beret. In magenta! No need to be an artist to wear one.

Add earrings and a long leather trench coat and you've got this look.

Yet another way to wear France's national headgear.

Are you listening out there all you Cleveland Browns fans? There are other folks besides yourselves who wear the two ugliest colors on the planet put together.

I have no idea when this hairstyle was in style the first time around, but it's making a comeback.

Guys, if you're feeling insecure because you're middle age and not balding, you can always just grow a combover anyways, and highlight it to grab some extra looks.


Mary McKinnon said...

HAHA, when we came to Rome why didn't y'all tell us that you knew the latest fashions? :) That was the best post by far! The guy on the cross walk has got to be the best! Looks like y'all had a great time thanks for the awesome pictures!

DelGrosso said...

Oh my goodness, if these French street fashions are any indication of what we can expect, no thanks!! Fashions are bad enough here.

Aggie said...

Darn it, and I thought I had the corner on dressing my boys in knicker pants. There's don't have the pom-poms though.

I love the father-daughter matching PINK pants. and the Macho Camo bag pack.

Anthony you'll be missing that style soon when you get back to UNC, you know it.