Monday, October 13, 2008

St. Pius X's home town

The following set of pictures are from a little detour we took to visit the hometown of St. Pius X, one of, if not the greatest modern saint. The town of Riese has actually been re-named in his honor to Riese San Pio Decimo.

Here's the little country road straight to the middle of nowhere where Riese is found.

On the way we passed a corn harvest in progress.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the exterior of his humble house but here are some photos from the interior. Pictured here left to right you can see a lace design of a ship done by his sister, a portrait of him, and a lace design of his coat of arms done by his mother.

The original wooden floors in the farmhouse where he was born.

More artifacts - plates that were used by St. Pius's family, and pots used by his mother to cook. The items on the middle shelf are oil lamps.

Original letters he wrote and signed.

The room which was reserved for St. Pius X when he came back to his home, with the bed he slept in, complete with original mattress and coverings.

The family barn behind the house which (obviously) has been extensively restored and remodeled into a museum about his life.

St. Pius X's Papal slippers and stockings.

This is the mule saddle he used when he was a simple parish priest and rode around the countryside visiting his parishioners.

His personal desk calendar showing the last page he turned to before becoming sick and later dying.

These are some of his vestments.

And this is his silverware from when he was Patriarch of Venice.

A humorous photo, St. Pius X's Papal snuff box!

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