Thursday, October 30, 2008

Second day of our trip to Florence

Here are some pictures of the second day of our trip to Florence. As I mentioned before, the "boys" were at Marco's place. Here's a picture of Augustin looking for stuff on Marco's computer.

Alex and Augustin hanging out in Marco's living room.

After breakfast we went to the hotel to pick up mom and dad. A picture of us testing the comfort of the patio chairs.

Next stop was a trip to the bar to get some coffee. On the way we passed this humorous sign put up by the friends of some guy who was about to get married. "Mario, do you know what the first cause of divorce is? Marriage. So are you sure?"

Grabbing espressos and cappuccinos at the bar.

Dad and the kids being silly.

By this time it was lunch time so we stopped by a little restaurant to grab a bite to eat.

We decided to spend the afternoon visiting a Cistercian monastery outside of Florence. Here it is...set on a hill surrounded by olive trees.

Those old stone walls were very inviting for Augustin.

The entrance to the monastery.

First stop was the gift stop where we had an opportunity to sample some of the liquors made by the monks.

A view from the monastery walkway.

The monastery chapel.

And this is the interior.

Some of the beautiful stained glass. This was beyond your average stained glass, it seemed more like a painting.

One of the small courtyards scattered throughout the monastery grounds.

This is what one of the cells looks like.

A portico leading around the main courtyard past the cells.

Here's the main courtyard.

Last picture, a shot of one of the monks walking away.

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DelGrosso said...

What a nice trip. I love that stained glass; it is beautiful. What a nice monk too.