Thursday, March 1, 2007

Air Shipment

Well the movers came to take our air shipment today. We're allowed a certain weight limit, so it was quite labor intensive preparing everything to go. Everything had to be inventoried, assigned a value, and weighed. We got everything done that we felt we needed, and were still under the weight limit by quite a bit so we were able to add some "fun" stuff like bicycles, patio furniture, tool box, etc.

The movers showed up in the morning. I went and picked up lunch from the little Italian place down the road (how appropriate, no?). They didn't like pizza (go figure) so we got them meatball subs, and pizza for everyone else. Then we watched them finish up the packing.

The air shipment takes about 21 days to arrive over there, clear customs, and be delivered to our new place. This is why we shipped it off early. We'd rather do without our stuff on this end, where it's easier to run to Wally World and get paper plates.

Everyone brought a box of their own "no questions asked" stuff. Highlights include Augustin's rock collection and Andrew's toothbrush collection, 1 gallon of Texas Pete, several 5-gallon buckets of laundry detergent (we want to smell the same there as we do here) and my portable safe.

Hopefully everything makes it over there in one piece.


Aunt Pat said...

I want to see my life in bags and boxes on the driveway. How charming! Guess it beats putting it on a truck like the Beverly hillbillys!

Jordanus said...

a collection of toothbrushes!??!?!?!?! Whats up with that? Are they all the ones that your parents get you but you never use? :)