Friday, March 30, 2007

Trip to Janiculum

Today I, Alex, and Andrew met with a friend here in Rome (Jozef) and took a day trip to Janiculum Hill. I know Jozef through a mutual friend and he is here in Rome for a semester studying abroad. Janiculum is the second highest of the hills Rome is built on, and offers the best view of the city and its many domes and arches.

We began our trip by taking the train to the Station of the Pyramids. The Pyramid is a tomb built around 12 BC.

From the Pyramid we took various busses up the hill overlooking the city. It was a bit overcast but still offered an excellent view.

On top of the hill is an enormous fountain, considered to be the second most magnificent fountain in Rome behind Trevi.

This is a photo of Alex with Rome as a backdrop. In this picture you can see a bridge crossing the Tiber and the Vittorio Emmanuele monument in the background.

This is another shot of Rome. The massive dome in the middle is the Pantheon.

We just had to take this picture for fun. It is Andrew hanging off the wall on top of the hill.

You can't do all this walking in Rome without stopping by one of the clean and public water fountains.

We took some backroads to get to the bus station on our way back home including this street which led down many flights of stairs.

We arrived home very excited about what we had seen. The Janiculum is definitely somewhere we will be taking you guys when you all come over!


DelGrosso said...

This looks like so much fun. What an awesome adventure!

anoneemoose said...

"Clean and public"... isn't that an oxymoron?

Charlotte said...

Neat sights. We are going to hold you to your promise to show us all that. Looks like you are having a great time.

Alleluia! At last some smiles!

charlotte's mom said...

What a handsome group. I feel I should add that anoneemoose and charlotte are the same person. Let's keep things above=board. We do miss you, but...we have the blog.

Bronwyn said...

I just love that last photo.

Jordanus said...

Wow nice water fountains.