Friday, March 2, 2007

We have an address

Well, the contract got finalized and approved, so we officially have an address. Here it is, just in case you're interested.

De Piante Family
Via del Fosso del Fontanile 12
00125 ROMA

I added a map of where we are to the left. The green arrow marks our house. We're about equal distance from downtown Rome and the Mediterranean.


Theodore Harvey said...

I guess I'm the first person to comment on your blog. Congratulations on the house! I'll look forward to seeing it in August.

Bronwyn said...

The move must have been so exciting. I'd love to live somewhere "exotic" or foreign someday. :)

Anthony said...

Bronwyn, we're actually not there yet, just have it picked out. We move in on March 20th. If an airline ticket falls out of the sky....feel free to come visit lol!


Aunt Pat said...

I am enchanted to be able to live this vicariously with some of my favorite people. Bon voyage! on the 20th. I expect to get some homemade olives for christmas or some such!

Barbaranne said...

How incredibly cool for you guys! I mean, you have a blog! (he, he, he) I know, the way cool part is the whole Italy thing. Way to go adventurers! Kate and I are going to Europe this summer; London, Paris and Switzerland. I'll be leaving her in Switz when I fly back. She'll be there until December, with a 10 day break in Oct to visit a friend in Germany. Wanna meet in Paris?


Aggie said...

Aggie says
I miss you guys,,,, it didn't seem that far when I was on the west coast and you were on the east but now were an ocean apart. Take care, keep in touch. the blog is cool. Give you mom a hug for me.