Thursday, March 1, 2007

House Pictures

At the request of many, I'm adding some pictures of the house we've got a contract on. We'll know later today if we definitely got it. It's in a suburb of Rome called Malafede, not too far from the Mediterranean, and Rome itself. Anyways, here it is from the exterior.

It is actually a duplex house. There is one other couple on the other side. The chimney is the line that splits the place in half. Our part is to the left.

When you enter the door, you go up the stairs to the upstairs bedrooms. There is a small bedroom to the left of the stairs, and further to the left is the kitchen. The kitchen is small, but that's how all Italian kitchens are. It's nice though, no scuzzy appliances.

There are three floors in the house. The basement, or bottom floor has a big area for doing school or entertaining (so all of you can come over). It also has a spiral staircase that leads upstairs, and a woodfired pizza oven.


Bronwyn said...

I love that house! Would you kill me if I said it looked like it came out of the OC? ;D

Anthony said...

Hey Bron, thanks for the comment! No I wouldn't kill ya, I think you'll find the architecture styles are very similar.


Laura said...

Man, that is so sweet you have a spiral staircase!!!!! Trying to remember not to covet ;)

can't really remember said...

I love your house! Has anyone managed to fall down that spiral staircase?