Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Getting settled in

Well, we are making more progress and getting more settled. We took a trip to a place called IKEA ( which is a HUGE department store with all kinds of furniture, household goods, etc. We got some knock-together cabinets, wardrobes and bookcases to put together so that we actually have something to unpack everything into. The stuff is pretty decent quality for being pre-fab, and quite cheap. We really needed to get this stuff because the house doesn't have any closets, and the kitchen has pretty limited cabinet space. Here are some pictures of us putting it together.

We also got the bikes unpacked for the kids, and put up our patio furniture outside. The weather is pretty nice, it is cool in the morning, warms up during the day and then cools off in the evening. Having stuff like the patio furniture out really is giving it a "homey" feel.


Bronwyn said...

Yay on the furniture! IKEA is ridiculously overpriced here in Canada, considering what the stuff is. However, it looks snazzy, and thus my university house is filled with it, lol.

By the way, my AIM sn is now fluxshade if you ever decide to sign on. :p

Anthony said...

Yeah it's not exactly Amish furniture lol. Definitely very snazzy, some of the stuff they have borders on whacked. I'll catch you on IM!

Jordanus said...

Is your house as big as the one in North Carolina?