Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Goodbye Party

We had a send-off party at the hotel where we were staying prior to our departure. We were really amazed at how many people came. There were over 60 people there. Thank you everyone for coming, it was wonderful to see you! Saffire, thanks for coming all the way from Chicago. We had a wonderful time with everyone catching up with folks we hadn't seen in a while. Thanks also to Aunt Debbie and the Story family for your help with transporting us to the airport. I've included some pictures below for everyone to check out.

Alex pushing our luggage cart into the hotel room.

Anthony, Augustin, and Isaiah in the lobby.

The lobby of the hotel from the top floor. Isn't is pretty?

All the kids hanging out in the hotel room.

Theodore, Alex and DT talking.

Our family and the Kemble family.
Theodore and Anthony


Charlotte said...

sniff. sniff. we'll miss you all. hope we can visit you in,sniff, Italy. Hugs to all. nice house. sniff.

Barbaranne said...

Today is the first I've checked back in a while and you guys are busy! You'll have to ask your folks about the hotel room goodbye party we had when the three of you left Germany. We caught Anthony and Isaac in the bathroom, Isaac standing on "die toilette" with arms outstretched, and Anthony standing below- ready to catch him when he jumped! Needless to say, Nathaniel would have crushed Anthony!

Love your blog- don't forget to check mine, Nathaniel will be home tomorrow for a two-week break!


Jordanus said...

i didn''t know the kimble had that many people in there family!