Monday, May 7, 2007

Andrew's Confirmation

Following are some pictures of Andrew's Confirmation on Sunday. Mr. Pare` (his sponsor) couldn't be here so Pietro stood in as proxy.

This is the Roman sunrise the morning of the big day.

His Excellency Bishop Alphonso de Galarreta, during the sermon.

And here is Andrew getting confirmed, even though you can't quite see him. Left to right, Don Davide, HE de Galarreta, Don Adriano. In the foreground is Don Fausto.

A picture of Andrew and Pietro after the ceremony.

The hall before the banquet which was held after the ceremony.


Erika said...

Why couldn't you get a good picture of Andrew... like at the slap? What kind of amateur photog are you??? LOL


Congrats to Andrew on getting confirmed! God bless you with many graces!!!

Although, if I were there, I'd trip you, cause I'm pretty sure you tripped me when I was having my first Holy Communion or something... =)

Otherwise, nice pic of the tequila sunrise, I mean Roman sunrise...

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful Family, also if there isn't the most important person: Jim.
I suggest you to photograph more often your nice father and your photo will be more good.

Welcome to Rome by Michele Garofalo (Italian Jim friend)

Mrs. Story said...

Congratulations and what a beautiful thing, to get confirmed in Rome! It must be a sign of some kind!

Aggie said...

So could you hear this Bishops facial contact from the choir loft.
Congratulations Andrew, God Bless all your days in Italy and keep you safe. Remember to pray for us in all those Holy churches.

Post some pic of the church in Albano.

Anonymous said...

Come Holy Spirit creator blessed and in thy heart take up thy rest. Mary keep you. love, r