Saturday, May 12, 2007

Soccer and Roses

I'm sure you can imagine after all that sightseeing we needed to blow off some steam. So today we went to Bracchiano where we had been invited to play a friendly/pickup soccer game with some folks from there and a couple from Rome. We had a great time, and played for three hours. It should be said that the following photos are all courtesy of Philomena, who took them because we were playing!

Here's Alex in the air...I don't quite know why. You can see the ball on the corner of the photo, but why he jumped that high to kick it I'm not sure.

See, you're supposed to stay on the ground when you kick the ball. This picture's crazy, it looks like I have a club hand.

This is a good shot of Alex blocking a shot that this guy tried to head into the goal.

And here's Andrew gunning down the middle of the field. Unfortunately the field wasn't grass, it had gotten torn up long ago (like our volleyball court in Charlotte).

While we were busy playing soccer Mom and the little kids went down the street to the Castel Giuliano. This castle is only opened two days a year for its rose festival and mom and the kids enjoyed their time inside. Mom bought a little lemon tree and a lavendar plant at the market they were having. I'll get pictures of those later, but for now, here are some of the roses!
A shot of some of the topiary inside the castle walls.
And the park near/inside the castle.
And here's Augustin sitting by the fish pond.


grandpop said...

Hello AJ You have shown me all the right buttons to push so will try and remember what to do Does theis work.?

grandpop said...

Just wanted everyone to know, that I have a great bunch of Grandchildren in Italy, they haveset me up with this blog. I can visit with them and thru teir eyes see what they are seeing. It's a wonderful experience. But most of All they have made it possible to view their journeys thru life but also to operate this computor, without them none of this would have been possible. My daughter Kathleen has done a fabulous job with their education and I'm Blessed to have kids that not only love their parents but are great americans. I hope all of you out there enjoy the pictures they take and live their lives thru their eyes. I could never issue enough thanks for what they have done for me and the jelp they have given me. As Itold Anthony, I graduated from sandbox to recess and he gave me a gold star. God Bless and keep them all safe. GP

Erika said...

Oh my gosh, your grandad is so sweet! You kids are lucky to have your grandfather who loves you so much!!!

In regards to the pics (and the blog in general) - great pics of the soccer game and the garden. "I never promised you a rose garden..."

Thanks for another glimpse into a day in the lives of the DePiante clan...


Aggie said...

Grand Pop, this is Aggie. Say hi to Mary. You are right you have a terrific daughter, I miss her. I'm so happy she is doing everything over there, it is so cool that she just happens to be in the area, when the castle and rose show is open 2 day/year. Great kids also I second that. Kathy's side kick Jimbo, isn't half bad either.

Roberta said...

Fantastic!!! I understand why so many people are following the blog! De Piante family, you are in my heart!!!
take care. Roberta