Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well folks, nothing much exciting happened yesterday. They did bale the hay in the field across the street and shear the sheep that graze there. So in the evening after the sheep were gone Alex and I went over there to check things out. Andrew and Augustin had gone to play soccer with a friend.

We discovered that throwing the football while standing on haybales was quite fun.

But we had to move a couple of them closer together.

Alex catching the football.

And Philomena sitting on top of a haybale.


Erika said...

You can take the kids out of the South....

Anonymous said...

All my years of seeing haybales, I have never never been atop one. How awesome that you did, and captured the moment. Way to go. Football atop haybales.. a new sport? Perhaps the extreme?

Aggie said...

Do you think that "Chiggers" are only in Charlotte?