Sunday, May 27, 2007

Soccer Game

Today we went to a soccer game with Pietro. The home team is A.S. Roma, which is mine, Andrew's and Augustin's favorite team. This was the last game of the season, so we decided to go, otherwise we'd have to wait until September. The weather was perfect, and we were all very excited. Here is a shot of Alex and Andrew walking into the Stadium.

The fans all wave scarves and flags as the players are introduced.

A shot of both teams on the field. Our team is the red one. The team's nickname is the giallorossi which means "red-yellows" referring to the colors.

A shot of the stadium roof. Even though the stadium isn't a dome, the fans are completely covered.

This is a picture of the team running back after we scored our first goal.

And here's a player trying to head another one in, which unfortunately didn't work.

This is a shot of the part of the stadium where the craziest fans sit. Known as the ultras they are actually members of a society and pledge to attend all games, home and away, and to never sit down during a game, but to always remain on their feet cheering and singing. They also routinely light off flares and various pyrotechnical devices. This is one thing...the atmosphere inside the stadium here definitely topped any NFL game I've attended. Outside the stadium, before and after the game I'd say an NFL game is better, what with the tail gating and all, but you can't beat fireworks inside a stadium.

Pietro, Andrew and Augustin cheering after another goal.

This was the final score; 4-3. It wasn't as close as it seemed. But it was very exciting.

After the game the team walked round the track throwing jerseys and wristbands into the stands, thanking the fans for their support during the season.

The crowd cheering after the game.

The ultras are also well-known for the lavish displays they create. Here they unveil an enormous jersey.

Pietro and I holding a scarf.

A very tired Augustin and dad make their way to the car after the game, Augustin proudly waving his flag.


Erika said...

Very cool, guys! Looks like everyone had a great time! How much longer til we see you guys join the Ultras???

Aunt Pat said...

The soccer game looks like it is more fun and exciting than our football? I love the colors, the flags and all. You guys look like you took full advantage. WOw

Aunt Mary said...

How fun!

Aggie said...
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Aggie said...

Previous comment removed due to spelling/word omission... No surprise right. CHOW Jimbo, Nice to see you, so you do get a day off once every blue moon (May was a blue moon month)