Saturday, May 26, 2007


In the spirit and tradition of the ancient Romans, the I, II, and III cohorts of the II century of the I legion De Piante are moving into the province of Hispania. In plain speak, that would mean that Alex, Andrew and I are traveling to Spain. Augustin remains in Rome to ensure the production of suppli and gelato (by consuming it). Philomena remains in Rome to keep the merchants busy. Mom remains in Rome to entertain foreigners at her villa in Acilii, and the pater familias, Dad, remains in Rome to oversee financial and domestic affairs.

We depart for Hispania a.d. XVII Kal. Iul. (June 15th) and return a.d. X Kal. Iul. (June 22nd). We will be staying in Matrice (Madrid) at the villa of some friends. From there we plan to capture (with our camera) Toletum (Toledo), Segovia (Segovia), El Escorial, Manzaneres, Vallis Tolitum (Valladolid) Caesaraugusta (Zaragoza) and Seville.

Hope y'all got all that :)


grandpop said...

Well Anthony you have done it again, you put together anothger slot for your memoribilia, It's almost like being there and the info you put with the photos is just great. It was nice to see everyone in the photos. I know you will have a busy and fun time in Spain, just watch out for El-Toro, they can run pretty fast as many a slow runner can atest to. Lots to see there Ive' een to Portugal and Malorca that was way back when I was in the Navy and not married. just used to write your granny every day and try to tell her what we were seeing and doing. She always wanted to go to Rome, so she is seeing it thru your eyes. Have fun Love and miss you all GP

Erika said...

Send me a mantilla!

Oh, and have a good time! =)