Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Little Explanation

Just in case you've been wondering....and many of you have.

Budapest, Hungary

Anaheim, California, USA

Paris, France

See the reason dad hasn't been in many of the photos lately is because he's been jetsetting to the above places, all within the last 6 weeks, for work-related reasons. We are of course very sad that he has not been with us in Rome, but we have to wonder why he moved here, since he has in essence been living in an airplane. :) All the same, he's managed to bring back some pretty cool stories and postcards.

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Aggie said...

Yeah but if you didn't move there, you'd be in Concord watching your thinned our Hardwood forest grow, while he does his jet setting. I think Roman columns are much straighter then hardwoods.