Friday, May 11, 2007

Shopping in Rome

We decided to go into Rome today to do some shopping, in the same area Alex and I had been in yesterday. So everyone came along this time, saw the sights Alex and I saw yesterday, and then we saw some new sights and went shopping.

The first sight we saw was the church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, in Piazza del Popolo. This is one of the famous twin churches in Rome. There are two almost identical churches on either side of a street that make a pretty picture. However I couldn't get a picture of both because of the police parade. (More on that later.) Anyways, here's the church. It has the distinctive feature of being completely round inside.

This is the interior. A very interesting interior. Very somber, with lots of black granite, grey marble, and muted colors.

Nevertheless, the high altar was truly beautiful.

As I mentioned above, I couldn't get a picture of both churches because Piazza del Popolo was cordoned off for the celebration of the Police Force's 155th anniversary. Here is part of the parade. (The band.)

These guys are much cooler than the band. Fully automatic 9 millimeters, ski masks, flak jackets....mmhhmm.... :) They also had the underwater rescue team, complete in scuba gear, the ski team, complete with skis, and the canine unit.

Oh and these guys were even cooler. The CAV!

So after the parade we went shopping down the various streets. Here's mom checking out some of the leather goods.

Then we bought some fresh ravioli from a pasta shop.

We had left home at 9 am, and didn't get home until 5 pm. As you can see, as we climb the street to the metro station, Augustin was a little tired :)


Grandpop said...

Hey AJ just got thru looking at your blog. You are doing a great job. Keep up the great work everyone I have talked to feel like they are there as they go thru the pictures. You are doing an outstanding job on the commentaries, you will have some fond memories ewhen you get old (like me) so keep up the great work Love GP

Mary Ann said...

You're killn' me with the rose gardens & pasta shops!.. What a life. These pictures are wonderful. I'm trying not to be totally jealous, but you're killin' me!