Monday, January 14, 2008

Augustin's First Communion

Yesterday Augustin became the last member of the family to receive his First Holy Communion. Here are some pictures from his special day!

All dressed in white....even down to the belt, which was black - until dad covered it in white duct tape. What would we do without duct tape?

In the pew at the start of Mass.

We finally had some more servers than just us three older boys. Dom PierMaria, a lay brother was in town from France and a seminarian from Mexico, Mr. Ettore Giscafre was in town as well. Here's a picture of the first incensation. Fr Kinney, Mr. Giscafre (subdeacon) and Dom PierMaria (MC).

Don Davide served as Deacon, shown here singing the Gospel. Not pictured are myself and Fra Giovanni Bosco (Acolytes) and Fra Giovanni (Thurrifer).

A great shot of the Elevation, courtesy of Andrew.

Augustin, just as he is about to receive Our Lord for the very first time.

And a shot of him afterwards.


DelGrosso said...

He is absolutely radiant!!

Congratulations Augustin!!

Aggie said...

Gussy, Congratulations!!! I bet you'll always remember that day, especially the duct tape. Leave it to beaver (I mean Jimbo)