Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year's Eve fireworks

We said goodbye to 2007 with a relatively quiet yet fun New Year's Eve. A picture of pie created by Alex.

In the evening we went to church, after which we started setting up some fireworks. Here's a picture of Fra Giovanni Bosco (from olive picking) with two French boys who were there as well, digging in some of the larger fireworks.

One of the cannisters was ignited electrically, so Alex held up his cell phone light so Fra Giovanni could see to run the fuses and wires.

Here's a video of the big cannister going off.

We also had a bunch of (aptly named) Roman Candles. Unfortunately none of the pictures of the fireworks going off turned out well.

We got home before midnight, just in time to watch the city of Rome's fireworks display. It was one of the largest I've ever seen. This is the skyline of Rome, covered in fireworks. Again, it was too dark to get good pictures, but every piazza in Rome was shooting off its own display. It was really incredible.

So ended 2007. We hope you had a safe, fun, and happy time celebrating the New Year!


Molly said...

WOW,that piece of pie is huge!
Hope ya'll had a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

hey its liv ,we are moving away next month,we will miss all of u!