Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ciao a tutti voi scoperti

Thanks to the great "eye", which has made us aware of the presence of some folks who are reading this blog.

So.... this week's installment of hidden readers....

Hello Dale in Toronto Canada!

Hello Professoressa Casali!


Anonymous said...

Hello Anthony, this is Dale from Toronto. Your mosaic is beautiful. Interesting to know how it was put together. My daughter, Tamara is going to be in Florence and Venice in March (after going to Prague first). She has also been looking at your site. They have studied some of the sculpture you have pictured on your blog and she is quite interested in your site.

xaipe said...

Any chance of y'all getting some photos of the three fountains at Tre Fontane? I'm giving a talk in Chicago about the stories of Paul's martyrdom, but when I lived in Rome, I didn't have a camera! (Now I have a camera and I have no way to get to Rome.) You can contact me using xaipe (
Thanks for thinking about it!
If you're in Malta today, say an extra prayer to St. Paul for the Daughters of St. Paul around the world!