Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Dome at Mosta

We took a bus ride about 20 minutes to the city of Mosta. The noteworthy sight there is te "dome" or Cathedral, which was built in 1835 as a replica of the Pantheon, jazzed up a bit. It's the 3rd largest dome in the world. Here it is from the outside.

A frontal shot. The resemblance to the Pantheon is striking, aside from the fact that it's constructed out of limestone.

Inside is this lovely polychrome gilt statue of Our Lady.

In the sacristy is this old silver altar frontal showing St. Paul being shipwrecked on Malta.

During WWII a bomb came rocketing through the roof of the church. This is a replica of the bomb, which did not explode.

The interior of the church, decorated in blue and gold and white.

A shot of the amazing honeycombed ceiling.

The baptistry, showing St. John the Baptist baptizing Christ in the Jordan.

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Aggie said...

there is that "ubiquitous limestone" again on the cathedral. What is the 2nd largest dome (assuming the Pantheon in Rome is the first).