Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mosaic finished

Well, the mosaic is done. By done, I mean the tesserare are laid, I still have to mount it in cement and frame it. But the picture is complete.


DelGrosso said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! Excellent job, Anthony.

Anne Henriksen said...

The mosaic is gorgeous, Anthony!! I can't wait to see it in March.

Aunt Anne

Anonymous said...

A Friend’s Madonna
L. Laqui

Vivid tapestry reveals
Hidden quest diverse
Noble reverie reflects
Love for his Madonna

As he steadily labors
With palettes of regal bold
His vein he channels
As design quietly unfold

Novice hands fervently joined
Pleas to invoke his Madonna
Guide his dream and pursuit
With valor, laurel, and hope

In a humble and quaint shop
Somewhere in ancient Rome
Time and toil not a complain
He offered to his Madonna

Grace from the Mediterranean
Sweeps across the oceans
Silent chords lisping prayers
Souls sighed and sang to whisper

Memories sanctified lingers
He Shared with his Madonna
God in His heaven smiled
His work He blessed to multiply

Aggie said...

Fabulous Anthony, you should be very proud of that.